Meet the Author: Matilde Stadager

Designer bag expert at Collectors Cage

It's not enough for Matilde Stadager to just write styling tips for designer bags; she also knows a lot about the craftmanship of the brands, as well as how to authenticate bags. Matilde's work is deeply rooted in the luxury goods industry. She has used her knowledge to write insightful articles about everything related to second hand luxury bags.

She always follows the trends of the current fashion scene, and has a timeless understanding of what is in style. Her advice for clients isn’t just about style, it’s about finding a bag that the customer will be able to use for years, both style-wise and practicality wise.

Some of Matilde's work:

Matilde Stadager Luxury bag expert and writer

Meet the Author

Matilde Stadager - Luxury Bag Expert & Writer 

Matilde Stadager is an expert in the world of high-end and fashion bags. With a great sense of the current trends, she has been a shopping advisor for clients of Collectors Cage for years. Her many years of experience includes doing authentication of products & sourcing designer bags. Matilde knows a lot about the history of the different fashion houses, and bag models. In her writings she shares all her experience with the readers.